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Shrinking Violet Fat and Inch Loss Body Wraps

Shrinking Violet Fat and Inch Loss Body Wraps


Shrinking Violet:
Special Offer Add Ons:

Quantity:  at  £55.00  each

  • Book 1 Shrinking Violet Fat/Inch Loss Body Wrap Treatment for £55
  • SPECIAL OFFERS!  pay for 2 sessions and receive £10 off - £100 for 2 treatments 
  • Book and pay in full or pay as you go - for a full Course of 6 Treatments  for £305 (Saving £25) either one full payment or pay as you go 5 x £55 and the last one is £30.  You will also earn 300 pts in our loyalty card scheme (value £15) which can be redeemed against any full price treatment (discounted treatmens or offers do not apply)
  • Maintenance Plan Course of 4 for £205 (Saving £15) either one full payment or pay as you go -3 x £55 and the last one is £40. You will also earn 200 pts in our loyalty card scheme (value £10) which can be redeemed against any full price treatment (discounted treatmens or offers do not apply)
  • The above offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or offer
  • The treatment time is just under 2 hrs for the full body: arms, stomach, breasts (if requried), back, bum, hips, thighs, calves and ankles. If you would like a shorter 1 hr treatment for just 1 area (back/tummy or hip and thighs) please take a look at our Lipo Sculpt Fat and Inch Loss Wrap Treatment
  • We also have a lovely range of DISCOUNTED add on treatments which you can have whilst your Body Wrap Product is being activated.


Please drink 1-2 litres of water a day 2 days prior to your treatment and for 72 hrs after as the treatment product works for 72 hrs.

Shower and exfoliate on the day but don't apply any body moisturiser as it may act as a barrier to the treatment product

Please don't shave, wax or use hair removal cream on the day of your wrap, do that 24-48 hrs before or after your treatment.

Wear old an old bikini or old underwear, the treatment product is oily.

If you have spray tan on, the Shrinking Violet product will remove it as it is oily

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Please Note: Shrinking Violet is not suitable for 1) Pregnant or Breastfeeding Women 2) People with Soya Allergies as the product contains soya 3) People who are on thyroid or progesterone medication (NOT the contraceptive Pill) are safe to have the treatment but may not have as effective results.

Other Notes:

  • Average inch loss is 3 to 4" IN TOTAL for people of a size 12 or more, it tends to be about 2" for a Size 8-10, some ladies lose around 6" and two ladies have lost 8".  The product continues to work for 72 hrs after your appointment so you an remeasure or try on clothes that were tight before your wrap.
  • People with highly sensitive skin on their body will require a patch test 24-48 hrs prior to the treatment.
  • If you have psoriasis, eczema etc you will be fine to have the treatment as long as your skin is not cracked and weeping. The oil plus the wrap is like a "hot oil treatment" for your body so is conditioning for the skin.
  • People who are on progesterone or thyroid medication may have the treatment but the results may not be as effective
  • SOME people who swell up in the heat may TEMPORARILY SWELL due to the heated blanket and the body wrap film. If this happens where time permits we will wait for you to cool down before remeasuring you.
  • We also encourage you to remeasure at home the morning after your treatment whlst you still have the little pen marks we put on your body. We will also give you a copy of your measurements so that you can check for any further inch loss. You can also choose 1 or 2 items of clothing which you know are tight on you as a way of gauging your inch loss and take before and after photos to monitor results including inch loss and positive changes to your skin tone.
  • Any fat lost as a result of the treatment will only be maintained if you either reduce your calorie intake and/or increase the amount of calories you burn by exercising more. It is the same principle as dieting.


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 Treatment Procedure:

Shrinking Violet Body Wraps covers the areas of the body from the bust, if necessary bingo wings down to the tummy, hips, buttocks and thighs. If you want to avoid losing fat on an area (e.g bums, bust) that is fine, the product won't be applied to those areas.

First of all your body will be measured. We will put temporary marker dots on your body so that we and you  can remeasure (at home) on exactly the same area. Then your skin will be dry exfoliated to remove any dead skin cells, then the Shrinking Violet Botanical Oil  is applied. Then you are then wrapped in body wrap film (like cling film), a cocoon of towels with a heated blanket underneath you (the heat helps to open the pores so that the product can get into your system) afterwhich you can relax for 60 mins whilst the product does its fat burning work! At the end of the treatment you will be remeasured.

The product continues to work for 72 hrs so we encourage you to remeasure yourself the next morning before you shower, whilst your temporary marker dots are still on your body. We also encourage you to continue to drink 1-2 litres of water for the next 72 hrs as well. This helps the liquidised fat and any toxins to be eliminated from your lymphatic system and out of your body via your urine.


 Shrinking Violet is a highly popular, revolutionary pain free treatment that actually breaks down fat (lipolysis) in the body resulting in both fat and inch loss. It is suitable for everybody, we have seen equally good results on women of all shapes and sizes with most inch loss around areas where there is most fat, which tends to be tums, hips and thighs.

How Does it work?

The active ingredient is Hydrolysed Lecithin/Lysolecithin (derived from soya) which changes the permeability of the fat cell wall and allows intra-cellular fat to be released and used by the body as an energy source and excreted via the lymphatic system; therefore resulting in inch loss.

Basically the treatment products breaks down the fat in the cells so that it becomes liquid It is then excreted into the tissue fluid and eliminated through the lymphatic system.

It is  a powerful technique that can shrink waistlines by up to 2 inches in one session. It is not a water loss treatment, we actually advise clients to drink more water to aid the treatment process.

The amount of fat reduction varies depending on your build and metabolism but immediate results can be seen.  The product continues to work for 72 hrs after your treatment at which point you will see the maximum effect for that particular session.

We encourage customers to remeasure themselves at home so if need be buy a tape measure to enable you to do so. We will give you a copy of your measurements at the end of your treatment of if it's mobile you can write them down.

If you are at the start of your journey to lose body fat and inches we advise a course of 6 weekly treatments combined with a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water and regular exercise.

Shrinking Violet will release fat but will not firm or tone loose muscle which exercise will do. **Once the fat is gone it is gone and will only come back if you make new fat. The treatment will not last very long if you return to previous lifestyle choices e.g consuming excess calories through food or alcohol, not burning enough calories due to a lack of physical activity** If you would like to download a FREE NHS 12 Week Diet and Exercise Plan please click here (external site and PDF Reader required) or vist the NHS Weight Loss pages

For a maintenance plan following a 6 week course we advise a treatment every 3 to 6 months plus healthy diet including lots of water and regular exercise.

Are there any after effects?

As the treatment results in fat being eliminated through the lymphatic system, you may experience increased urination for 1-2 days after each treatment. We encourage you to drink more water during this time to help the body eliminate both the liquidised fat and toxins through the lymphatic system.

Which ingredients are in the Shrinking Violet product?

Hydrolysed Lecithin (Soya derived), Grapeseed and Jojoba Oils, Cypress, Juniper and Lavender

Summary of Benefits:

  • Fat and Inch Loss - a great kick start treatment to use in conjuction with a "new body/new you"  healty diet and exercise program
  • Great treatment for special outfit events e.g weddings, holidays, pre and post christmas,  birthdays and other special occasions
  • Purifies and Moisturises the Skin due to detoxification (by means of the botanical oil used plus heat)
  • Brightens dull skin through the process of exfoliation
  • May improve the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, scars and blemishes


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