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Natural, Organic Health Products for Student Stress

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Neals Yard Top Picks for Student Stress

As it is the time of year when many students are starting to revise for their GCSE's, A Levels or Finals, I wanted to share some of the Neal's Yard natural, organic products which can help with the mental and emotional demands of intense revision.

Bath Products: Geranium and orange bath oil, aromatic foaming bath.  Both of these bath products will relax and calm your mind and nervous system.  The aromatic foaming bath will also help with any aches, pains and physical tension caused by stress.

Body Oils: Jasmine and ylang ylang body oil, soothing massage oil, aromatic massage oil.  The first two body oils are deeply relaxing for the mind, body and nervous system.  Again, the aromatic massage oil will relax and also ease physical tension, aches and pains.

Body products: Lavender, geranium and orange body lotion or balm, frankincense and mandarin body lotion, beauty sleep body butter, jasmine and ylang ylang body cream, aromatic body butter

Remedy to Roll: Study, Night Time, Relaxation - these are very handy as they are small enough to be popped into your bag so could be used if studying at a library or somewhere away from home.  Simply apply a little of the product onto your temples or wrists.

All of these products contain organic essential oils, which are absorbed into your bloodstream when applied to the body or when soaking in a bath.  The products I have chosen will help to relax or focus your mind and calm your nervous system.

NYR Essential oils (2)

In terms of Supplements there is: Cognitive and Beauty Sleep.  If you are taking medication for any other health condition, please check with your GP before taking any supplements.

Lastly, there are a number of Essential Oil blends: Focus, De-Stress, Calming, Night Time or Vitality

You can use these in a diffuser or you can also use them to make your own bespoke products using the Neal's Yard unscented Create Range, which consists of a Face and Body lotion, Bath Oil and Ointment.  For more information on using Neal's Yard organic essential oils with the create range, please read this post on how to De-Stress with Aromatherapy.

If you are local to me, I also have a Student Chill Out special offer available now until the end of June.  There is a choice of relaxing holistic treatments which can be purchased as a one off or a bundle of 2, saving an extra £5.  This offer is also available to purchase as a gift voucher.

Finally, here are a few practical tips to help you cope with student stress.

Tips for Student Stress

Well that's all folks, best of luck with revision and exams!

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