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» Listings for December 2017

  1. neals yard winter sale 2017 b

    30% off selected items! whilst stocks last

    Some of the festive gifts also have 30% off: Bath Salts, Refresh Soap Trio and Festive Hand Duo and they can be found on this page.

    Perfect time to stock up on any favourites or putting away for gifts for 2018


    Until next time



    merry christmas


  2. NYR Flash Sale 30% off

    Festive Hand Duo was £25, 30% off, now £17.50

    Limited Edition Hand Wash and Hand Lotion set (both 200ml sizes) with refreshing orange, mandarin and festive spices of clove and cinnamon

    Refresh Soap Trio (8532) was £18, 30% off now £12.60

    trio of palm-oil free traditional soaps:  Geranium & Orange Soap, 100g, Wild Rose Soap, 100g, Garden Mint & Bergamot, 100g - 72 to 73% organic

    Bath Salts -Recharge   & Soothe were £15, 30%  now £10.50.

    Recharge bath salts contain arnica and seaweed, which are ideal to soothe tired, aching muscles.  They also contain a blend of natural organic essential oils: Pine, Juniper, Lemon and Lavender which are useful to detox the body, whilst refreshing and relaxing the mind and emotions.

    Soothe bath salts - contain lavender, geranium and thyme, so are useful for hormonal imbalances such as PMT, stress, anxiety, insomnia and the Thyme is fortifying and strengthening.

    Be quick as these are festive items and so only available whilst stocks last!

    Until next time