Product Recommendations

Here are some of our favourite products which we recommend you to use at home for skin and body care, self care and wellbeing.  Many of these products are also used in our professional treatments and some are even made by us!

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The perfect way to try out Neal's Yard Organic Skin Care, prices from just £20

  1. Rose - normal
  2. Palmarosa - oily, congested
  3. Orange Flower - dry
  4. Frankincense - mature
  5. Frankincense Intense - mature with lines and wrinkles
  6. Frankincense Intense Lift - deep wrinkles and sagging skin

These products are used in our Neal's Yard Organic Facials which are available for all skin types

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Frankincense essential oil is used in all of these lush organic skin care products and is renown for its' anti-ageing and rejuvenating properties. It is also the perfect essential oil to help soothe and still the mind and is diffused to aid meditation!

These products are used in our Frankincense Holistic Face Massage and Neal's Yard Organic Facial for mature skin.

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A beautiful range of organic products which contain essential oils to help aid restful sleep.

When you apply products containing essential oils onto your skin they are absorbed into your system so they can get to work, the same applies when you inhale them as well.

We also have a selection of relaxing Sleeping Beauty treatments as well.

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This beautifully scented MULTI-PURPOSE facial balm is 99% organic, packed full of moisturising and natural skin nourishing ingredients.  A must have in any beauty bag!

There are many ways you can use this: as a cleansing balm, as a skin nourishing mask, leave on as a moisturiser, brow tamer, lip balm, intensive hydration for dry patches e.g. elbows or heels of the feet, nail and cuticle balm.

This cult fave is used in our Wild Rose Holistic Face Massage treatment.

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If you are interested in finding out more about essential oils and aromatherapy, I have written a number of E Books on the topic.

Essential oil safety, Aromatherapy for Health and Wellbeing, Aromatherapy Skin Care and more...

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All our Aromatherapy Massages are carried out with our own brand Aromatherapy Products which you can also purchase for home use.

As a qualifed aromatherapist, I am able to make you customised aromatherapy products to help with many skin care or health conditions.  


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Award winning anti-ageing products by luxury skincare brand Elemis.

These products are used in our Elemis Pro Collagen Anti Ageing Facial or Holistic Face Massage.

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A heady exotic, intense mutli purpose natural oil which can be used for the hair, nails, feet or body. One of my personal and professional favourites!

This product is used in our Monoi Moisture Body Wrap and Tahitian Massage treatments.

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Elemis products for oily, congested and combination skin help to tackle oiliness and congestion whilst also soothing  and calming irritation.

We use these products in our Elemis Balacing Facial

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A beautiful range of Elemis skin care products for sensitive and reactive skin.

We use some of these products in our Elemis Gentle Rose Facial.