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  1. Top 5 Tips for Choosing your Holistic or Beauty Business Name

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    One thing that lots of my students struggle with and stress about is choosing a name for their new holistic or beauty business! 

    So today, I am going to share some practical tips that will hopefully help make this process a little easier.  

    1. Brainstorm - get a piece of paper and enrol the help of a family member or friend and just brainstorm ideas.  Ideally your business name needs to fit you, your business and brand and will also communicate what it is that you do.  

    2. Shortlist your top 5 names and check to see whether there are any other similar holistic, beauty or hairdressing businesses with that name in the area where you will be located.

    3. Think about your marketing - would your business name make a good website name? does the name tell people what is is that you actually do? is the name too long for a website? or too short? is it too long or too short for other marketing material such as your business logo, social media pages, business cards or leaflets?

    4. Sleep on it or wait a while - if you are really stuck or torn as to which name to choose, then just hangfire. Whilst you are just leaving the decision alone, you may have a sudden light-bulb moment of inspiration.

    5. Inspiration - some of my students use their own name e.g. Jane Bloggs Beauty, some have chosen a combination of their children's names like Stacey from Comason Beauty did and others use one word and tag the holistic or beauty on at the end, a bit like my business name Revive Holistic and Beauty.  You can also use a business name idea generator like Namelix.

    One final thing you may wish to consider, is whether you intend to have a business tag line.  For example,  I use the tagline "relax and rejuvenate" in my business logo.  That basically sums up the essence of the services that I offer to my clients who come for treatments.  So if you intend to use a "tag line" for your business, make sure that your business name fits nicely with the tag line.

    Well I hope that has given you some ideas for choosing your holistic or beauty business name!

    If you are interested in learning more about the accredited holistic and beauty training courses I offer, all the details are here. 

    Until next time, take care



  2. How to Start a Holistic or Beauty Business

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    Have you ever dreamt of starting your own holistic or beauty business but really not sure of what steps you need to take?  

    First of all, there is no right age nor situation to start your own holistic or beauty business. I have taught students who are young and didn't fit in or enjoy the catty college environment, more mature students who are really unhappy in their job or have been made redundant and want a career change.  I have also taught retired students who want to do something constructive to do with their spare time while earning extra income.

    In terms of the steps you would need to take, first of all

    1. Write a list of what you are bringing to the table as you are your greatest business asset.  Think about all the skills, knowledge you have gained from everyday life, education or employment, and your personal attributes.  Noone is a blank canvas and we all have skills, knowledge and personal strengths that we can lean upon when setting up and running our own business.

    2. Next, set some time aside to create your business vision - where would you like to work? Which treatments would you like to offer? What does your workspace look like in terms of aesthetics and decor? Who are your dream clients? At this stage, just jot down loose ideas so that you can make choices that will lead you in the right direction.

    3. Research your training options - what is your budget? Do you want to do a longer course at a slower pace or a fast track course? Do you want to have the community spirit of spending time with other students or do you prefer to do independent home study?  Of the training providers you have researched, are the courses accredited? Will they enable you to obtain public liability insurance?

     Also, you will need to research the course content as holistic and beauty courses should include much more than just learning how to do the treatment.

    As a bare minimum, your holistic or beauty training course should include: Therapist code of conduct, Consultations, Health and Safety, Hygiene Infection Prevention and Control Procedures; anatomy and physiology and common health conditions relating to the treatment you are learning, the treatment procedure and how to provide aftercare advice.  It may also include important information relating to business law such as data protection, retail law.  If you are based in the UK, you can search the National Occupational Standards database and see the minimum occupational requirements for your chosen subject e.g. massage or facials.
    4. Once you have successfully completed your training course, you may want to buy the bare minimals (e.g. therapy couch, couch roll and products) and spend time practicing with family and friends to build up your confidence.  That way you can practice all the hygiene, health and safety procedures, consultations, doing the treatments and providing after-care.  You can charge a "cheapie" rate to cover the cost of your time and your products.  If you do freebies you will reach that awkward point where you have to charge!
    5. During the time that you are building up your confidence, you will also want to create your Business Plan. I have a separate post that covers that in a little more detail and a much more in-depth module which you can browse here.
    You will also need to
    a) Set and finance your start-up budget and buy your insurance, any products, licences, equipment or services that you need to get your business up and running
    b) Create a marketing plan and buy any items such as business cards, leaflets etc.
    c Set up systems for your appointment bookings, client consultations, payments
    d) Register your business and yourself either as a sole trader, partnership or limited company
    e) Set up financial systems and procedures
    f) Decide on your business name and decide where you are going to work from.
    As you can see, there is a lot more to setting up your own holistic or beauty business than would first meet the eye! However, don't let that put you off.  In 1996, I started with my Reiki 1 certificate, a therapy couch, couch roll, blankets and my insurance from a spare room at home.
    If you are interested in learning more about how I can help you through any of these steps please browse:
    You can learn more about me below and contact me on 07903 162041 or [email protected] if you have any questions
    Ok, take care and good luck!