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Do You Have Dry Skin? Here’s How To Sort It Out!

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Dry skin is a problem that affects many people at some stage of their lives. Aside from the negative aesthetics associated with dry skin, people experiencing it may also find their skin feeling sore and irritated which can be soothed and nourished by having a regular professional facial and following a consistent home skin and body care routine.

Many people find that dry skin is only a temporary problem, usually caused by harsh British winter weather conditions and due to the drying effects of indoor heating. But, if you find that dry skin is a regular occurrence and you’re fed up with it, don’t worry because you’re not alone. Here is a few ways to sort the problem out:



If you usually get skin irritation on your hands, the problem’s source might be down to chemicals you use for cleaning. For instance, many household items like washing-up liquid and cleaning fluids can play havoc with the skin on your hands.

When you work with such chemicals, it makes sense to wear protective gloves like Marigolds to form a barrier on your skin. You may also find that prolonged exposure to cold, wintry weather can result in dry skin on your hands. Again, gloves and using a rich hand cream on a regular basis can provide some protection.

Topical Creams

One of the best-known ways to treat dry skin at home is using topical creams such as face and body moisturisers. A topical cream will help provide much-needed nourishment to your skin and stop it from cracking, feeling itchy, and even bleeding in worst-case scenarios. Be sure to use a topical cream that works well for your skin type and won’t cause flare-ups of existing skin conditions. 

Collagen Supplements

You might not know it. But, collagen is a protein naturally made by your body to provide structure to your skin. As people age, the amount of collagen produced decreases, causing things like wrinkles to appear.

Collagen is responsible for keeping your skin hydrated. If you experience dry skin due to low collagen levels in your body, it makes sense to use rejuvenating collagen supplements such as those from ANCIENT + BRAVE.

Stop Smoking

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for human health and causes all kinds of medical conditions and diseases. However, what you may not know is that smoking could be the reason why you are experiencing dry skin on your body!

If you smoke more than ten times a day, you’ll significantly reduce your skin’s hydration levels. And when that happens, applying topical creams like moisturisers can be a pointless exercise.

Smoking is responsible for a few different skin problems, such as psoriasis, acne inversa, and even squamous cell carcinoma (i.e., skin cancer). Quitting the habit will help you feel healthier and help your skin to feel hydrated once again.

Reduce your bathing and hand-washing frequency

Lastly, do you have a bath or shower several times a day, or wash your hands dozens of times each day? If so, you could be unknowingly causing your dry skin problem. The answer to this problem is simple: reduce the frequency of your bathing and hand-washing each day!

Drink plenty of water

During the winter months, the drying effect of central and indoor heating appliances can take their toll on your skin.  For this reason, it is important that you stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water or herbal teas.

Until next time, stay safe



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