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Beauty comes from within

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The current pandemic situation has completely transformed our interactions with health. Lifestyle choices that would have normally been overlooked have become the centre of our attention. We’ve realised that our lifestyle affects our wellbeing, beauty and inner glow. We are in charge of our wellbeing, and we can naturally and proactively enhance our beauty through our lifestyle choices. 

Deciding to improve your lifestyle is the best decision you can take for your health and your beauty. Understandably, we all have vices and bad habits. But identifying the most harmful ones can be a helpful start.

There’s only one problem when it comes to bad habits. We develop habits because they are convenient and fit in our lifestyle. So it can be tricky to stay motivated when you decide to change your routine. Even bad habits can be beneficial for the mind because they act as a coping mechanism and provide a familiar routine. Therefore, you want to introduce some tricks to stay focused! 

Involve a like-minded friend

Do you share your bad habit with a friend? Why not work together to stay focused? Involving a friend in your journey ensures that you become both accountable. Therefore, you’re less likely to give in to temptation. More importantly, you can motivate each other. Imagine that you want to give up smoking. Having someone to talk to when  you feel cravings can help you build up resilience until you don’t crave nicotine anymore. It doesn’t matter where you both live as long as you can keep in touch with each other.

When you hit important landmarks such as stopping smoking for 3 months, it is important and motivating to celebrate that significant achievement.  You can do this  by sharing a gift with one another.  If you live nearby you could celebrate with a pampering spa day together or if they live further afield you could send a bunch of flowers, a pamper box or a spa voucher.  Even if your best friend has moved abroad, say to Rome, you can still  send a flower delivery to Italy

Yoga for beauty

Stress encourages bad habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol or comfort eating. So if you are going to change your habits, you want to tackle your stress levels too. Introducing mindfulness and yoga into your day to day activities can help boost your mood significantly. You are less likely to give in! Additionally, good things always come in pairs. Yoga doesn’t only help with stress relief, but it can also help with beauty too. Indeed, these yoga poses for beauty stimulate blood circulation and beautify the skin. 

Feed your beauty

The right diet enhances your health and your mood. You can also select nutrition that nourishes the skin and enhances your outer beauty from within. Beauty food often has a double advantage. It can help repair tissues and boost collagen production, which enhances your appearance. But the right nutrients also encourage the brain to break free from food addiction, such as sugar, which can impact your skin health and beauty. 

The journey to beauty starts with self-care and self-love. However, the steps to improve your lifestyle for health tend to include changing your habits. It’s hard to change a routine, even if it’s a harmful one! Therefore, you need to help yourself to stay focused and motivated. You have to invite beauty into your life by allowing yourself to change one step at a time. 

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