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Top 5 Tips for Choosing your Holistic or Beauty Business Name

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One thing that lots of my students struggle with and stress about is choosing a name for their new holistic or beauty business! 

So today, I am going to share some practical tips that will hopefully help make this process a little easier.  

1. Brainstorm - get a piece of paper and enrol the help of a family member or friend and just brainstorm ideas.  Ideally your business name needs to fit you, your business and brand and will also communicate what it is that you do.  

2. Shortlist your top 5 names and check to see whether there are any other similar holistic, beauty or hairdressing businesses with that name in the area where you will be located.

3. Think about your marketing - would your business name make a good website name? does the name tell people what is is that you actually do? is the name too long for a website? or too short? is it too long or too short for other marketing material such as your business logo, social media pages, business cards or leaflets?

4. Sleep on it or wait a while - if you are really stuck or torn as to which name to choose, then just hangfire. Whilst you are just leaving the decision alone, you may have a sudden light-bulb moment of inspiration.

5. Inspiration - some of my students use their own name e.g. Jane Bloggs Beauty, some have chosen a combination of their children's names like Stacey from Comason Beauty did and others use one word and tag the holistic or beauty on at the end, a bit like my business name Revive Holistic and Beauty.  You can also use a business name idea generator like Namelix.

One final thing you may wish to consider, is whether you intend to have a business tag line.  For example,  I use the tagline "relax and rejuvenate" in my business logo.  That basically sums up the essence of the services that I offer to my clients who come for treatments.  So if you intend to use a "tag line" for your business, make sure that your business name fits nicely with the tag line.

Well I hope that has given you some ideas for choosing your holistic or beauty business name!

If you are interested in learning more about the accredited holistic and beauty training courses I offer, all the details are here. 

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