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  1. spa

    Many holistic or beauty therapists who are returning to the industry after a career break, are about to qualify or are recently qualified and intend to become self-employed, start off the next exciting part of their journey  by creating their business vision and plan. 

    A business plan is really the foundation for setting up any new holistic or beauty business or salon as it addresses the essential areas of the business.  However, a business plan is not set in stone and is something that can be tweaked or padded out along the way.

    The core components of a Business plan include

    • Mission statement - business aims and how you are going to achieve that
    • Vision statement - short, mid and long term business goals
    • Business Description which includes business structure, services, products, location etc
    • SWOT analysis - strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for the business
    • Target market analysis - to include industry trends, available customers in the business location and also the ideal clients
    • Competitor anaylsis
    • Sales and Marketing
    • Financial Plan
    • Executive Summary

    If you are in  a similar situation of just about to start up your own holistic, beauty business or salon and are struggling with this essential next step, I have a free copy of the Business Plan template that I give to my students who do their training with me.

    To download your free business plan template, please head over here.  There is also a video to accompany the template which goes over the basic details of how to complete it. 

    If you feel that you need more in-depth guidance, I also offer the Business Vision and Plan as a complete module which you can browse here.  I will also be running a full Business Start Up Course and coaching program early in 2022.

    Just a note, whilst I am currently based in the UK, the Holistic, Beauty and Salon Business Plan template is relevant to any country in the world. You may just have to tweak the language style as it is written in UK English so our terminology maybe slightly different say to US English.

    Well, that's all for now, I hope this is of use to you and good luck with setting up your business!

    Until next time



  2. winter-solstice-rituals

    Next week on the 21st December, is the  Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere.  It is the shortest day of the year and from thereon, the nights gradually start to get longer, a promise of the return of the sunlight!

    For people who celebrate Christmas, the Winter Solstice can often be overlooked as they are busy focusing on last minute shopping or preparation for the festive period.  However for those who find Christmas all just a bit too much in terms of materialism, pressure and stress, Winter Solstice can be the ideal time to detach from all of that. 

    At this time of year, Nature is all about stillness, there is not much outward activity in terms of life and growth, but surely lots of inward activity in preparation for the first blooms of new life in Spring.  For this reason, I associate Winter Solstice with simple, peaceful, reflective rituals.

    Here are 3 simple self-care rituals to celebrate Winter Solstice

    1) Go for a gentle stroll in Nature, try to be really present and aware of everything with your all your senses.  Make the intention to shake any of the festive stress you may be holding on to.  If you are a crafty type, you could collect some evergreen foliage and make it into a festive wreath. You would need to buy an "Oasis foam wreath ring" in advance though.  To make your wreath, you simply soak the wreath ring in water first then add your foliage.  You could even buy a bunch of flowers and place a few of them in your wreath as well.


    2) Do some gentle restorative Yoga - I follow a lovely lady Nourished Natasha on Youtube who often celebrates nature's cycles with a special yoga class. Her classes are very inclusive and I am sure beginners would find her classes accessible, so be sure to check her out. After your yoga class, you could have a soothing cleansing aromatherapy bath with sea salt and essential oils. Some relaxing and uplifting essential oils include sweet orange, lavender, bergamot. Mix 1 tbs of sunflower oil with 6 drops of essential oils, add it to about 200g of bath salts, stir well and then add to your bathwater. 

    3) If the weather isn't great or you don't feel like being active, you could do a simple journal ritual.  Play some relaxing music, light a candle, take your journal and write about all the good that has come into your life this year.  If it has been a challenging year, then take the message of the Winter solstice to be one of hope for you.  Just as the sunlight starts to gradually return into all the countries in the Northern hemipshere from this day, the sunlight can also start to come back into your life as well. Make that intention for yourself.


    If you are interested in learning more about living in tune with the seasons, aromatherapy and self-care, feel free to check out these resources which maybe of interest to you:

    Winter Self-Care Guide (Ebook)  

    Aromatherapy Guide (Ebook

    Until next time